We at LYGG understand the complexity of corporate travel needs. Which is why LYGG offers its clients a holistic solution with all the benefits of a Corporate Fleet.

Our LYGG service with zone pricing is a solution for majority of corporates requirements. We understand that there are always exceptions. That is why we have a dedicated inhouse team with decades of experience running a charter flight business delivering bespoke solutions for our clients ad-hoc, one-off and unique needs.


It works

  • Chartering planes and delivering optimal asset and solution for every mission
  • Includes bespoke charter flight service:
    1. LYGG finds the right aircraft and price from +7,000 global aircraft fleet, with capacity varying from 6 passengers’ executive aircraft to +500 passenger group charters
    2. LYGG audits the operators to ensure highest standard of safety and comfort

For more information, please see LYGG Audit

    1. LYGG mitigates counterparty and financial risk
    2. LYGG minimizes transactional costs


enquiry to LYGG On-Demand charter team



LYGG service was created to save time and to democratize the private aviation. It gives the opportunity for all of us to enjoy the benefits of flying private. There still are situations when chartered private flight is the best solution. Here are five top reasons why our clients decide to charter a flight.

  1. Bespoke destination with no connections
  2. Complex schedules and multiple destinations in a limited time
  3. Large group travelling at the same time
  4. Need for ultimate privacy
  5. Need for charter series on temporary basis

You may also send your enquiry to LYGG On-Demand charter team


The best way to support sustainability in on-demand flights is by flying full planes. LYGG provides an opportunity to its LYGG On-demand clients to reduce cost and share the flight with other LYGG users. LYGG platform can be used to sell the spare capacity of flight to other users.


A better tomorrow is important for the whole LYGG family. We believe that adoption is the best way to make tomorrow better. Adaption means doing everything possible today and creating use case for the future innovations. LYGG is building a platform that supports adaption of the future innovations widely. LYGG also utilises existing infrastructure that is currently under used. LYGG does already everything it can by overcompensating all On-demand flights, as it does for all its operations. For more information, please see LYGG Corporate Responsibility

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