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How Lygg


First in the world

LYGG is the first in the World business travel platform that brings direct and customized connections to any desired area as a service.

LYGG concept

is a true disruptor in aviation, opening a totally new market where time, costs and CO2 are saved and traveller well-being enhanced.

LYGG is revolutionizing business aviation with its platform, the first in the world capable of providing direct flight connections as a service for companies, even outside metropolitan areas. This is air travel that will happen one way or another – companies have key personnel who must travel regularly, as virtual meetings are not an option for them. When travel is a necessity, a company wants to choose the most time and emission-efficient way, making LYGG with its direct connections the most attractive option.

The key to the business model is that a new route is only opened when a sufficient number of companies commit to it. This is why LYGG’s operations have been practically carbon-neutral from the start, which gives us a head start to create the financial conditions to make business flying as environmentally friendly as it can possibly be. LYGG is set to become the world’s first aviation operator to deploy sustainable SAF on all its flights. We require our operators to commit to deploying sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for the entire capacity of LYGG flights from the end of 2024 onwards.

Our key impacts

1. Economical impact
Creating competitive advantage We support the vitality of companies and regions: Saving time and money spent on corporate travel and helping localities maintain their accessibility.

2. Environmental impact
A more sustainable way of flying We fly with smaller planes, at total capacity and without unnecessary stopovers: Reducing emissions by up to 95 % and paving the way for emission-free flying

3. Social impact
Contributing wellbeing and efficiency We contribute to a better travel experience and reduce negative aspects of business travel: Endless waiting, delayed flights, and uncomfortable travel conditions.



We reimagine the way you experience air travel. We bring direct and customized connections to any desired area as a service.

Regular Route Flights

For those seeking the convenience of scheduled air travel, LYGG offers regular route flights flown to popular destinations. Enjoy the reliability and comfort of our daily flight services, connecting you to key locations with efficiency.

Key features of our Route Flights:

  • Daily departures: We operate flights every day, ensuring you have flexibility in planning your travel.
  • Convenient schedules: Choose from a variety of departure times to suit your itinerary.

At LYGG, we are dedicated to elevating your travel experience. Whether you opt for the flexibility of our On-Demand Charter Flights or the convenience of our Route Flights, expect nothing less than excellence in service and a commitment to making your journey memorable. Check our current daily flight routes and flight times or Suggest the next new LYGG route

On-Demand Charter Flights

Experience the freedom of travel on your terms with our On-Demand Charter Flights. Whether you’re planning a business trip, a weekend getaway, or a special event, LYGG ensures a seamless and personalized travel experience.

Our fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft is ready to take you to your destination, offering flexibility, comfort, and privacy. Simply let us know your schedule and destination, and we’ll arrange a bespoke charter flight to suit your requirements.

Key features of our On-Demand Charter Flights:

  • Customized itineraries: Plan your journey according to your schedule and preferences
  • Wide range of aircraft: Choose from our diverse fleet, including luxury jets, turboprops, and helicopters.
  • Personalized service: Our dedicated team is committed to making your charter experience exceptional, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Creating value to our customers

Our business is

All about creating sustainable value to customers and their surrounding communities so they can own their future. We do it by bringing together the best people in the business and our unique business model, which combines aviation and the platform economy to deliver competitive edge.

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