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business travel

LYGG is the first business travel platform that brings direct and customized connections anywhere as a service.

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How LYGG works?

LYGG is a true disruptor in aviation, opening a totally new market where time, costs and CO2 are saved and traveller well-being enhanced.

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It’s about time

We make travel faster, contribute more sustainable flying, and pave the way for emission-free aviation.

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More time
for success

Time is money for business travelers. LYGG ensures swift, efficient journeys, so you can focus on what matters most. Save valuable hours with our streamlined travel experience.

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More time
for recovery

Travel smart with LYGG and reclaim your time. Our efficient service means more time for rest and recovery, enhancing your work-life balance. Experience the joy of extra free hours.

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More time
for work

Maximize productivity with LYGG. Our swift travel solutions free up time, allowing you to focus on work and achieve more. Efficient journeys lead to efficient workdays.

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