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LYGG Opens Triangle Route From Helsinki to Central Sweden

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Finnish LYGG Opens Triangle Route for Business Travellers from Helsinki to Central Sweden

Finnish company LYGG is opening a triangle route for business travelers between Helsinki and Linköping via Örebro on the March 18th. The connection has previously been available only for cargo. LYGG’s CEO Roope Kekäläinen emphasizes that the Swedish market is full of opportunities for LYGG’s innovative business model.

Opening a direct connection between Helsinki and Central Sweden means significant time savings for business travelers, and cost savings for their employers.

“Previously, business travelers had to fly to Stockholm and continue e.g. by car to Central Sweden. The direct connection and minimum waiting time at the airport free up a tremendous amount of time and save costs. The direct flight enables the traveller to make their business trips within one day. Previously, the same trip could take two or even three days,” LYGG’s CEO Roope Kekäläinen explains.

“In addition, the direct flight reduces CO2 emissions by up to 40–50 percent compared to an indirect connection. By the end of this year the emmission reduction will be further enhanced by the full adoption of sustainable aviation fuel, SAF,” he continues.

Need-based service ensures profitability

Traditional airlines have recently stated that Sweden is too remote and expensive market for them, LYGG has a different perspective.

“Since the covid-19 Swedish market is losing its connectivity due the business model of the traditional airlines. The volumes in the market are too small to serve profitable business for them. LYGG sees Swedish market differently: there are plenty of global corporations and local smaller companies in Sweden whose success requires travelling. Our business model creates contractual route pairs on a need basis,” clarifies Kekäläinen.

“We fly only on need basis. This makes LYGG’s model risk-free for all parties. LYGG does not own or operate airplanes, our digital platform helps match a company’s business travel needs with regional operators and with the right-sized fleet. We create direct route pairs based on existing demand that ensures profitability for LYGG, the necessary connections for companies, significant time savings for travellers, and growth and development for the regions,” says LYGG’s other co-founder and CFO Jari-Jussi Viinikkala.

Larger airplane size enables flexibility

With the opening of the Helsinki–Örebro–Linköping route, the size of the airplane will be increased to accommodate 33 passengers. This allows flexibility as the number of passengers varies on different days.

“A larger airplane size lowers the threshold for new customers to start flying with us as the route is already open to serve our existing contract customers. We know there is more regional demand for the route, but not enough for the old business models. LYGG is based on providing services according to real business travel needs, not to maximize flying. This enables sustainable scalability and works for both small and large masses regardless of location,” says Kekäläinen.

LYGG is a platform that makes air travel more efficient, comfortable, and environmentally conscious. LYGG enables business flying for customers, providing time savings, travel comfort, and an easy user experience through its application. LYGG is involved in innovating and building a better and more environmentally friendly future for the aviation industry.

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Roope Kekäläinen, CEO, LYGG
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