Book your trip with the Lygg app. Choose the best time and select your destination. Type address of pick-up and drop-off location, press book and Lygg will take care of the rest!

2. PICK-UP (door-to-door service)

You only need to leave your home door on time. Lygg takes care of the rest - all the way. We want you to concentrate on what is most important


No crowds, no waiting in queues, no stress. It’s a private flight – so just walk on board and enjoy. Your driver will be waiting for you at arrival.


Wow - that was fast!


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”The World’s first Air & Taxi service in one APP”
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”LYGG offers a comprehensive and fast travel experience”
”Evidence investors are starting to view travel tech companies favourably again”
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Loved by our customers

”The chauffeur service and flight are designed in such a way that you can continue without delay”
Aviation reporter
Jacob Wert
”Ridiculously awesome service”
Co-Founder The Axel Springer Consulting Group
Rubert Hoffschmidt
"A new era of travel has started"
JW Marriott Group
Timo Dreissigacker
”Very efficient ’flow’ at the airport, possibility of walking through without any kind of hold-up on the way, a very low risk of unexpected complications”
Travel Manager / Leading Pharmaceutical Company
"We were very satisfied with the flexibility of LYGG's ondemand service. Everything regarding both the flight and ground transportation went smoothly, was on time and comfortable. Staff both on flight and in the car were very friendly, and our travelers were very satisfied. Thank you for your flexibility - looking forward to working with you in the future."
Global Travel Manager / Master Builders Solutions Deutschland Gmbh (MBCC)
Christopher Feuerecker
"We are extremely satisfied with LYGG's ondemand charter service. LYGG has been able to provide several different aircraft types according to the size of the group and purpose and destination of the trip. Flexibility, providing solutions and operational security are important to us. LYGG's service-oriented team knows their business - their professionalism makes our work much easier."
Elämys Group / Vice President, B2B & Sales
Aarni Kotilainen



LYGG audits all ground and air service operators used.

LYGG has a tailor-made operator agreement with each of the operators. This guarantees the accessibility, service level standards and other conditions that LYGG requires from the operators.

Flight Operator Audits

All of LYGG’s flight operators hold a European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved Air Operator Certificate (AOC), thus fulfilling the highest safety standards.

On top of the AOC requirements, LYGG regularly audits the operators that it utilizes, including:

  • Historical safety track record and ratings
  • Logs of Aircrafts in operation and general condition
  • Experience of Crew and historical safety records
  • Insurance and other AOC related documentation
  • Maintenance provider
  • Test flight conducted with the operator

Additionally, LYGG operations team regularly visits the operators personally to check their facilities and meet the key personnel.

LYGG also utilizes ghost customers to regularly monitor the service level of the operators to report possible areas of improvement to the operator.

Airport audits

LYGG regularly visits the airports used to audit and screen the following criteria:

  • Passenger facilities
  • Routings
  • Seamless transfer to ground transportation
  • Curb to liftoff time

Ground Transportation Audits

LYGG hand picks service providers in every location and audits the ground operators that it utilizes using the following criteria:

  • Meeting with each provider
  • Punctuality review of each provider
  • Fleet size, age and condition
  • Incident reports

Comfort and ultimate user experience is paramount. Customer feedback is incorporated to our quality control and safety assessment framework.


Travel with no stress, at the safety of privacy offered by minimal in person contacts. Meet only handful of people from door to door. Our partners follow the highest standards in Covid-19 safety.

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